Police pronounce Baja election video a fraud

October 22, 2013


“Educational” video prepared at behest of MSzP politician after by-election.

State run M1 Híradó reported last night that police interviewed yesterday the chairman of the MSzP sport association in Szekesfehervar, Gyorgy Király, about his role in the production and distribution of an amateur film purporting to show Fidesz political operatives promising money and firewood to Roma households in exchange for votes in the Baja by-elections of September 22nd and October 13th.

M1 reports the video was prepared after 13 October at Király’s behest by a Baja resident who had hoped to establish a chapter of the MSzP sport association there.  Kiraly allegedly delivered the video to MSzP Chairman Attila Mesterhazy’s chief of staff, Laszlo Szakacs, who allegedly viewed it together with Socialist MP Tamas Harangozo, who reported it to the police.

The report did not say how on-line Hungarian news magazine hvg.hu obtained a copy of the video.  Hvg.hu released the amateur Baja election video Friday afternoon with the lead: “Here’s the proof that Fidesz cheated.”  The article was immediately picked up by most Hungarian news outlets, including the Beacon.  We apologize to our readers.   We’ve learned an important lesson: In Hungary when it comes to politics anything goes.