Police search home of NAV whistleblower Andras Horvath

December 19, 2013


Police searched the home of NAV whistleblower Andras Horvath at 7:30 am this morning, confiscating computers, hard drives, documents, and the green dossier Horvath claims contains evidence Hungarian Tax and Duty Authority (NAV) turn a blind eye to tax irregularities on the part of large companies at a cost to Hungarian taxpayers of some HUF 1 trillion (USD 4.7 billion) annually.

The raid took place one day after prosecutors informed Horvath they had formally launched an investigation into what he claims is preferential treatment given by NAV to large companies with strong political connections.  Investigators have been given one month to complete their investigation.

Attempts by Horvath to present his findings to parliament have been repeatedly frustrated by Fidesz members of parliament.  He was also prevented earlier this month from addressing a group of university students by the university rector.

NAV has reported Horvath to the police, alleging abuse of personal data, defamation, and abuse of personal data.   The raid on Horvath’s flat evidently marks the start of this investigation as neither the police nor investigators interviewed him prior to that.

Horvath is not the only former tax inspector to allege that senior NAV directors took inspectors off cases after uncovering massive tax fraud.

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