Poll suggests Hungarians want change in government

July 22, 2016

Party support among Hungarians eligible to vote

Although Fidesz continues to lead in public opinion polls, an increasing number of Hungarians want a change in government, according to a poll conducted in July by pollster ZRI Závech Research Institute.

Currently, 27 percent of the population supports Fidesz, up from 24 percent last month. Support for the Hungarian Socialist Party (Magyar Szocialista Párt – MSZP) fell one percent from 12 percent in June to 11 percent in July.

Jobbik, on the other hand, seems to have lost many of its supporters. Hungary’s radical right-wing party, which is repositioning itself as a mainstream people’s party, continues to lose support: now only 11 percent of Hungarians would vote for them, while in May 14 percent of respondents said they would.

Democratic Coalition (Demokratikus Koalíció – DK) stands at 5 percent (the threshold needed to get into Parliament) while Politics Can Be Different (Lehet Más a Politika – LMP) is at 4 percent. Together (Együtt) is supported by 2 percent and the Hungarian Liberal Party (Magyar Liberális Párt) is at 1 percent.

The percentage of Hungarians who would not vote for any of the parties remains at 36 percent.

According to the ZRI Institute, the only clear tendency is that support for Jobbik is waning. The party has mostly lost popularity among young people and small-town residents, an interesting phenomenon since these groups form an important part of the party’s base.

The poll suggests that while Fidesz is still the strongest party in Hungary, there are more Hungarians (43 percent) who want a change in government than those who would prefer Fidesz to stay in power (32 percent). The problem is that most voters do not prefer any of the parties on offer, which makes it hard to change government, added the research institute.