Presenting his government program, Karácsony proposes to form coalition gov’t with DK and LMP

March 26, 2018

Karácsony presented his government program, made coalition offer to DK and LMP
Gergely Karácsony announcing his 10×10-point government program | Photo: Facebook/@karacsonygergely

Hungarian Socialist Party-Dialogue (MSZP-P) prime ministerial candidate Gergely Karácsony presented his 10×10 government program Sunday afternoon. Karácsony said he wishes to realize the program together with parties of the “democratic opposition” and made a coalition offer to Democratic Coalition (DK) and Politics Can Be Different (LMP), reports state news agency MTI.

The program, which according to Karácsony is “willing to give back people the freedom of choosing one’s faith in the Hungary of social democracy,” promises to:

  1. Take back the personal wealth of Fidesz cronies that was built from public funds.
  2. Give EU grants to the people, instead of the Fidesz elite.
  3. Re-introduce the 13th-month pension and raise the pension of those who currently get less than HUF 100,000 (USD 400) per month.
  4. Provide high-quality public healthcare accessible to everyone.
  5. Establish a child-centered, future-friendly education system.
  6. Raise wages and abolish the vulnerability of employees.
  7. Cut utility costs.
  8. Abolish poverty.
  9. Develop Hungarian small- and medium-sized enterprises.
  10. Hold a referendum on the abolition of the Fidesz-made Fundamental Law (Hungary’s constitution) and draft a new constitution after coordinating with the citizens.

According to Karácsony, his 100 points represent a new chapter in Hungary’s history: “A fresh start that, having learned from the sins of the past eight years and errors and good things of the past thirty years, might be a new beginning in Hungarian politics.” The MSZP-P prime ministerial candidate offered to send his program to both DK and LMP.

After his presentation, Karácsony told reporters that he is not willing to negotiate with LMP about cooperation in the April 8 general election, but he wishes to inform the leftish/greenish party that he expects to govern together with them during the next parliamentary cycle. According to Karácsony, Hungary requires a coalition government formed by those parties whose programs are compatible with each other. “MSZP-Dialogue’s program is surely compatible with those of LMP and DK,” he added.

Karácsony’s current coalition offer might be a source of conflict in the event of an opposition victory in the election as two weeks ago he unveiled his shadow cabinet consisting of mostly independent professionals and academics.

Although as of Monday evening neither of the two parties had commented on his offer officially, LMP shared’s article covering Karácsony’s announcement on its official Facebook page with the following comment:

“They are not willing to coordinate about election cooperation, but they are already awarding each other undersecretary positions. It is high time to start a new chapter in Hungarian politics.”