President János Áder may refuse to sign central bank secrecy bill into law reports

March 3, 2016


Conservative online daily reports that, according to its sources, President János Áder will not sign into law the central bank secrecy bill passed by parliament on Tuesday giving the National Bank of Hungary the right to classify documents pertaining to businesses and foundations owned by the central bank.  The “emergency bill” was introduced on Monday by Minister Antál Rogan’s hand-picked successor as chair of the parliamentary economics committee, Erik Bánki.

The online daily reports the following:

“On Tuesday the parliament employed an exceptional procedure to limit disclosure of data pertainng to economic entities and foundations owned by the Hungarian National Bank (MNB).  With this legislative modification the assets of the MNB foundations lost their public asset quality and for this reason no public account regarding their use need be given.

“The head of the parliamentary economic committee, Erik Bánki claims the accepted modification to the central bank law will stand up to constitutional challenge.  Attila Péterfalvi, the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (NAIH) president believes at the same time that it will not stand up to a constitutional challenge, and notes in connection with the proposal that it raises constitutional concerns and goes against court and official practice. 

“Péterfalvi detailed his concerns in a lengthy letter to Gergely Gulyás.  According to our information, the President of the Republic, János Áder, will not sign the central bank modification.”