Private sector employee sacked over Facebook post

October 16, 2016

Employees of the LuK Savaria factory in Szombathely
Employees of the LuK Savaria factory in Szombathely

A private sector employee was fired because of a Facebook post, reports Hungarian news site According to the story, the man published a Facebook post explaining that he was forced to cancel plans for the weekend because of unexpected orders that needed to be filled, and that it would be nice if the company “saw employees as people, not machines.” The man also suggested that the company would lose effective employees if it did not treat them with respect.

A few days later, the worker received a letter from his employer explaining that his employment had been terminated with immediate effect over the Facebook post which

“contained statements that cause injury to the reputation of the employer.”

Furthermore, the employer reasoned, “the statement and the comments provide an opportunity to discredit the reputation of the employer and influence the general environment at the workplace.”