Pro-government security propagandist László Földi continues fascist tirade

November 6, 2017

Pro-government security propagandist László Földi continues fascist tirade
László Földi | Photo: ATV

László Földi, a former operations director for Hungary’s spy agency turned pro-government propagandist, is no longer working as chief security adviser to Budapest’s mayor. Now, he is free to envision the great calamities of the modern era on government propaganda outlets.

In October, Földi told pro-government television station EchoTV, one of numerous media outlets owned by construction magnate (and suspected Viktor Orbán straw man) Lörinc Mészáros, that Hungarian human rights organizations are “collaborators, war criminals, traitors, and so on,” and that as such “they are essentially saboteurs who have no legal status. In other words, they can be freely liquidated. That’s what the war laws prescribe: spies and saboteurs are not taken to courts, they are immediately eliminated.”

Following this, the mayor’s office reportedly told Földi to refrain from making statements concerning migration. This prompted Földi to quit his job. Now, in a tell-all interview published Monday by pro-government propaganda outlet Magyar Idők, Földi unleashed yet another barrage of mind-magic.

According to Földi:

  • His infamous interview with EchoTV was taken out of context for the purpose of carrying out a character assassination against him. Plus, he has been making these statements for the past two years and no one seemed to take issue with them until now.
  • “Europe is at war because, first, it went to war when NATO initiated military strikes against Iraq. Second, Europe is at war because it has become a warzone of fourth generation or hybrid warfare carried out by specific interest groups.”
  • “Those at war [in Europe] include spies and saboteurs who do not enjoy legal rights because they attack the heartland. Their activities endanger the security of the civilian population and the longevity of democracy.”
  • Green movements and human rights groups were “created by certain political and economic groups” that “claim to promote noble causes, but in reality are carrying out clandestine activities.”
  • Concerning the 18-year-old hacker who informed the Budapest Transportation Authority that their online ticket ordering system was flawed, Földi said: “This is a textbook example of a perfectly carried out influence technique. Those who ordered [the teenager’s services] were calculating how such a scheme could affect the residents’ opinion of the Budapest municipal government.”

The interview also included such hard-hitting questions and answers as:

Magyar Idők: Let’s talk about migration, if possible. Regarding civil society organizations, it is often said that they are linked to the actions of background powers behind them. Do we know who these powers are and what their goals are?

Földi: “It is not the individuals who are important. The global economy is controlled by a small group of people through banks, shares in companies, and corporations. What the world has not yet realized is that the form of accumulating this power has changed in recent decades, they are buying shares, buying property, and building serious networks. I don’t know what the state clandestine services have been doing because it would have been their job to prevent these behind-the-scene processes which violate national interests and national security. The processes and tools used by the aforementioned NGOs are strictly forbidden and unlawful. They are using the same methods as those who have been explicitly granted the powers to do such things, for instance the clandestine services or certain law enforcement agencies.”

Magyar Idők: What methods are you referring to?

Földi: “Using covert actions to build networks when the people involved don’t even know what goals they are working toward, activities that have clear political and economic objectives. For instance, this includes infiltration through human resources and technology. These are all activities and methods performed by clandestine service. One of the clearest forms of political influence can be seen in the leaked documents that show more than 200 European Parliament MEPs, journalists, and lobbyists that George Soros’s organizations have bought.”

Magyar Idők: Do these networks pose a national security risk to Hungary?

Földi: “Without a doubt. The second someone crosses the legal line and that is noticed by the respective law enforcement agency, the full extent of the law must be applied. The NGOs have built up an incredibly strong defense system with lawyers, politicians, and businesses which are capable of going against a country’s laws. In other words, they have built up a very strong defense system, one capable even of launching attacks, which many countries cannot fight against.”

Magyar Idők: What can be done to stop them?

Földi: “They must be forced to abide by the law, but legal battles may not be successful in these cases. To fight against their unlawful activities, one must use the clandestine services. These networks must be infiltrated, the networks must be decrypted, their financial avenues must be destroyed, and their activities must be exposed. This is the job of the clandestine services, and this does not happen in the view of the public.

Magyar Idők: And this is what cannot happen in the West. Is that right?

Földi: “The political elite of western countries is helpless. The welfare state of the past decades has made them comfortable. And now, even if they see the danger, they are completely incapable of changing their thinking. But there is growing discontent in their societies at large. It’s no coincidence that the anti-immigration parties are strengthening. The conflict between migrant throngs and the natives will escalate and this could result in outright violence.

Magyar Idők: Is there any way we could stay out of this conflict?

Földi: “In Europe, immigration is now a fault line between those countries which accept a multicultural society and those which prefer the nation-state. Hungary and the V4 represent the latter. But let’s not forget that Europe’s eastern border is drawn at the Urals, while the borders of our alliances – the EU and NATO – differ from that. The consequences of the refugee crisis can lead to the ripping apart of the EU and a newer Iron Curtain may emerge, one on the western borders of the V4. But it is also possible for this border to be drawn up along the Austrian-German or Bavarian-German border.

Magyar Idők: What interests guide the creators of these networks, such as George Soros, to support migration that puts Europe in a crisis?

Földi: “Obviously, they are not driven by the humane treatment of others. This is a huge business for them. Many are talking about the crisis of consumerism, that the western countries can no longer maintain economic growth. That’s why Soros sees the resettlement of migrants as a temporary solution. Feeding, providing shelter, and teaching languages to the millions of migrants may increase consumption, which would be good for the economy, and these projects can be financed through loans which ensure serious profits. But this process would only work for a little while because the vast majority of migrants do not want to integrate, they cannot adapt to the labor force, and the money will eventually run out. In other words, they are blowing a bubble, which – as we saw with the financial crisis of 2008 – will pop after a certain point and then comes the collapse. It is known that George Soros always increased his wealth through shorting. He will know exactly when this migration bubble will pop and he will profit greatly from that.