Pro-gov’t media, NGO try to discredit civil protesters

January 2, 2015

WhoresFollowing yesterday’s “telegram” from Fidesz lapdog Civil Unity Forum (CÖF) calling on protesters to “be reconciled and join us in building the country”, today’s main pro-government newspapers feature articles portraying the demonstrators as unwitting stooges of discredited liberal and left-wing politicians.

In its lead article “Today the ‘civil’ are protesting in front of the Opera“, pro-government daily Magyar Nemzet (Hungarian Nation) questions their civil credentials by quoting them out of context:

The organizers asked the demonstrators to come before the Opera not only with red colored ribbons. The question is whether they will listen to the anti-government protesters or those small left-liberal parties that are trying to settle on top of them. Among the speakers will be a left-liberal linguist who was a “legal disruptor” of the 2008 plebiscite.

Pro-government Magyar Hirlap (Hungarian Gazette) has published an op-ed piece entitled “Barrage and Owlhooting” in which COF president Laszlo Csizmadia calls for the opening of a criminal investigation into the demonstrations.  The following excerpts make it perfectly clear where Csizmadia’s loyalties lie, and the depths to which he and other Fidesz minions are prepared to stoop in the service of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán:

We should not be surprised if some inconceivable suspicions arise within the people. For example, recently the idea has taken wing, which belongs in the world of fairy-tales, that the MSZP’s secret sage about which there has been much mention, and which served the cause of supporting unlawful political goals, might have wandered over to the embassy of the United States, and that Andre Goodfriend may be the one guarding the key. . . .

(This is the first time we’re hearing such rumor, and we suspect it is also the first time Magyar Hirlap‘s readers are hearing it too!-ed.)

Forming alliances to overthrow the democratic system is a criminal act. The activities of the opposition groups forming alliances, and especially the financing of this, should be examined, and it should be decided within the rule-of-law framework, which a suspicion of criminal acts does not arise.

As a civil activist, I can only imagine that it is necessary for the affected parties to immediately sue the authors of false accusations. The country does not have time to observe the pointless circus of parliamentary committees. We do not pay assemblymen to spend their time with party battles instead of professional work. . . .

Let’s not kid ourselves. We know that in every political system in the world there is corruption. The bigger the country, the more likely, as in the case of matter relating to the election campaigns of the United States. The correct direction of course is zero tolerance. But let us not forget what took place between 2002 and 2010. Small country, small corruption. VAT cheats, bribery, ground scandals, conspiracies with multinationals. More and more news became a daily occurence. The falsification of the MNV balance sheet was only the icing on the cake . . .

At that time the Communists were sitting on the house backwards. They confused revolution with counter-revolution. That was a big mistake. This cannot happen again!