Pro-gov’t media outlet implies Hungarian churches at risk of terror attack

July 28, 2016

The Kiskunhalas refugee detainment camp
The Kiskunhalas refugee detainment camp

László Tasnádi, an undersecretary for law enforcement, says the national police will soon decide whether churches and religious facilities should receive increased security, reports pro-government daily Magyar Idők.

Magyar Idők‘s article comes right after the recent terror attack in Rouen, France, where terrorists murdered 86-year-old Friar Jacques Hamel in his parish.

According to the newspaper, “meanwhile, several migrants have escaped from the Kiskunhalas refugee camp. The migrants were sent to the camp because they violently committed unlawful border crossing.”

Tasnádi told Magyar Idők that Hungarian authorities are contemplating increasing security in the wake of the terror attack in France, and “Hungarian experts” are studying what happened in France, as well as the measures that have been taken by French, Belgian and Italian authorities to protect religious facilities.

He says the national police will render its decision about increased security at Hungary’s religious facilities within the coming days.