Pro-gov’t online daily Origo doubles down on migration-related fear-mongering

March 15, 2018

Origo, Hungary's second largest daily online, doubles down on migration-related fear-mongering

Pro-government daily online Origo, which original owner Magyar Telekom sold in December 2015 to a company owned by central bank governor Gyorgy Matolcsy’s cousin, showed its true color yesterday: Fidesz orange. Nearly every single article appearing on Origo’s main page was about the threat to public security and order posed by migration, with fourteen out of seventeen headlines feature the words “migrant” or “migration.”

Origo, Hungary's second largest daily online, doubles down on migration-related fear-mongering 1

Beneath a photograph of hundreds of angry-looking young men of African and Middle-Eastern origin huddled close together, the banner headline proclaims that “The pressure has not decreased: there are more and more illegal immigrants in Germany.” According to the short synopsis which follows, “15,000 arrive every month, paying several thousand euros for this.”

The following headlines and short synopsis appear on the main page below the banner headline:

“Incredible: Another migrant attack takes place in Vienna. An Afghani man attacked a parliamentary security guard.”

“A migrant stabbed a 16-year-old girl for no reason.”

“Four migrants beat a physically disabled person to death.”

“Unidentified migrants slept in Brussels park. For nearly a year accursed conditions prevail in the downtown St. Maximilian park.”

“Four migrants cut a woman’s throat. They nearly cut her head off.  They stabbed her husband as well who also died in the attack.”

“Sweden rampaged by migrant gang wars.”

“Pakistani migrants terrorize tourists in Athens.”

“Another attack: a knife-wielding assailant attacks soldier in Vienna.”

“They would move migrants into retirement homes.”

“Syrian Christian: Syria is safer than Europe. A Syrian Christian decided to return home because the European situation appears so bad.”

“The obligatory quota would affect most Hungarian settlements.”

“I’ll cut your throat – this is what the video of a migrant child showed. The video was taken in Germany.”

“It must be said that migration is a bad thing.”

“Viktor Orban: There are two dangers. Migration and the loss of results reached. We have a future. We need to protect this.  This is at stake in the election says the prime minister in Nyiregyhaza.”

The only article not directly or indirectly about the threat to public order and security posed by migration is the final one:

“Simicska is in big trouble: he lies using the fake news of a disreputable woman. Jobbik propaganda newspaper, Magyar Nemzet, tries to discredit Lajos Kosa using forged documents.”