Propagandist István Lovas refers to performer CeeLo Green as “the fat n*gger who was singing”

July 18, 2017

Propagandists for the ruling party Fidesz, Zsolt Bayer and István Lovas, reflected on the opening of the FINA World Swimming Championships on their EchoTV show Sajtóklub Monday with some choice words and racial slurs.

The show typically consists of pro-government propagandists patting each other on the back, praising the government, complaining about Hungary’s seemingly non-existent opposition, and promulgating conspiracy theories. This particular episode was no different, except for some especially hateful comments from Lovas and Bayer.

After complaining about the “opposition press'” reporting on the opening of the FINA championship, Lovas said he could have done without “that fat n*gger who was singing,” referring to headliner CeeLo Green. Bayer agreed.

American songwriter and performer Green took the headlining spot at the FINA opening ceremony at the last minute. He is the recipient of numerous Grammy Awards, BET Awards and Billboard Music awards for his musical composition.

Bayer went on to complain about some media treatment of the opening ceremony which criticized some of the folk elements of the performances.

“[The opposition media] is stuck on why we have to show Hungarian history, hussars and this kind of kitsch. What should we really be presenting at a world championship opening in Hungary? What, really? ‘Gender boys’ or what? What would all these animals like to see?”

Lovas’ racist comment about Green employed the Hungarian word néger which, like its English equivalent, was once used openly to refer to people of African origin. While still in common use in Hungary, the word is considered pejorative: since 2003 néger has been included in the Hungarian Interpretive Dictionary as a pejorative term.

You can view the entire video (in Hungarian) of the openly racist commentary broadcast on national television here.