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Prosecutors re-file Quaestor charges

Budapest prosecutors have announced that they have resubmitted their criminal charges in the Quaestor scandal.

In March, Budapest prosecutors filed charges in the case. The court responded by calling on the prosecutors to file more specific charges, claiming the charges were “improvisatory and ad hoc.” The prosecutors rejected the court’s demands. Advocates for Quaestor’s victims feared that unless the charges were refiled by May 31, the court would have little choice but to dismiss the case altogether. But it looks like this won’t happen.

The original 1,548-page list of charges was initially rejected by the court on grounds that they were not linked up to specific pieces of evidence.

Budapest prosecutors say they have fulfilled the court’s request and have indicated which evidence relates to which crime — all stored on a 5-Terabyte drive. The corrections have resulted in another 1,000 pages being added to the original list of charges.

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that one of the prosecutors working on the case had suddenly died.

The Quaestor scandal is so tightly tied together with the government that it will surely be an interesting trial to watch. Even Hungary’s chief prosecutor, Péter Polt, is connected to the scandal through his daughter (whose alleged boyfriend was none other than the personal assistant to Quaestor CEO Csaba Tarsoly).

Quaestor, or more precisely its financial arm Quaestor Financial Hrurira Ltd., collapsed in March 2015 after issuing HUF 150 billion of illegal bonds that did not have the approval of the supervisory authority. On top of that, the company had HUF 60 billion of outstanding bonds (legally issued), of which it could not repay HUF 5-6 billion.

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