Protestant minister claims homosexuality is a curable disease

July 23, 2016

Paizs had interesting things to say about homosexuality. Source:

The 27th Bálványos Free Summer University and Youth Camp is never a boring event. It was here in the summer of 2014 where Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán proclaimed the failure of liberal democracy and announced that his government was building an “illiberal democracy” in Hungary.

The small Transylvanian resort town of Baile Tusnad in Romania, known to Hungarians as Tusnádfürdő, is once again home to the annual jamboree of young Fidesz supporters, where politicians always have something interesting to say.

This year, it was József Paizs, Protestant minister of Segesvár, who stole the show. According to Hungarian news website, the pastor – who likes to call himself a mental hygiene expert – gave a speech on homosexuality more reminiscent of the Middle Ages than the 21st century.

Curable disease

Paizs started off by saying “nobody is born homosexual”. He claimed that although gay pride festivals want to make us believe that homosexuality has genetic causes, if this were the case it wouldn’t be possible for one identical twin to be hetero- and the other homosexual.

“I believe homosexuality is a disease, but like all diseases it can be cured,” he added.

Paizs referred to the case of a German psychologist whose degree was withdrawn because “he managed to cure homosexuals”.

The pastor also explained how to prevent homosexuality. According to his words, if boys aged 3-5 don’t have their fathers around, or if their fathers are aggressive, there is a bigger chance that those children would grow up to be gay.

“Hug your 3- to 5-year-old boys, otherwise strange men will do the same,” he said.

Suicidal tendencies

Paizs said homosexual men have more partners because fatherly love cannot be compensated. This was also the reason why more gay people committed suicide than straight ones. He claimed straight men committed suicide because they did not want to live, while homosexuals do it to attract attention and to punish those around them.

The pastor finished his speech by reassuring the audience that not all neglected children will become homosexuals.