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Public debate possible between leading Fidesz and MSZP politicians

Gulyás addressing the National Assembly on October 2, 2017
Photo: MTI/Tibor Illyés

Fidesz’s newly-appointed parliamentary delegation leader Gergely Gulyás has accepted an offer for a public debate on immigration with Socialist (MSZP) delegation leader Bertalan Tóth, according to state news service MTI.

Gulyás wrote a letter to chairman of the National Security Committee Zsolt Molnár (MSZP) affirming that he was open to a debate with Tóth. Molnár had earlier announced during a press conference that he would invite Gulyás and propaganda minister Antal Rogán to a public, televised debate on Schengen border defense, immigration and the National Consultation, as well as “the devilish Rogán plan and the non-existent Soros plan.”

Gulyás also wrote in his letter to Molnár that “we are available for a debate on immigration,” and that Fidesz chairman of the National Defense and Law Enforcement Committee Szilárd Németh would “gladly debate” with Molnár, who is the Socialist chairman of the National Security Committee.

Public debates between opposing politicians are an exceedingly rare occurrence in modern political history in Hungary.

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