Public school teachers in Hungary to hold one-day strike on Wednesday

April 19, 2016


Public school teachers across Hungary will hold a day-long strike on Wednesday.  The action was announced on Thursday by the teachers strike committee whose members include the Teachers Trade Union (PSZ), the Educational Leader Trade Union, and the Hungarian Public Education and Technical Training Trade Union.

PSZ chairman Mrs. István Galló, pictured here at a demonstration earlier this year outside parliament, told state television channel M1 Monday evening that the government’s proposals were unacceptable and thus the teachers would hold a one-day strike.   Schools will be open and children can spend the day there but no lessons will be taught.

Galló told M1 that while progress had been made restructuring the Klebelsberg Institutional Maintenance Center (Klik), the state-run schools administrator, parties have not managed to agree on the minimum number of hours teachers must hold or on wage supplements.

She called on public offices and business owners to suspend operations for five minutes at noon on Wednesday as a message to the government that “if the schools don’t work, nothing works in the country”.