Putin names Hungary as one of Russia’s “most important strategic partners”

November 19, 2014


In a speech today at the reception of new ambassadors handing over credentials in Moscow, Russian Federal President Vladimir Putin emphasized the importance of his country’s political, economic and trade partnership with the Hungarian government and the investment projects Russia and Hungary are running together, Russian state news agency TASS reported in its English edition.

According to their coverage, Putin dedicated some time in his speech to make the following statement:

“We share Hungarian leadership’s intention to step up constructive dialogue and implement jointly quite large-scale planned investment projects.”

The statement came in reaction to the mild criticism offered by Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó. The minister held talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow recently during which he declared that the Hungarian government, together with the EU, wants Russia to withdraw its troops from Eastern Ukraine. In reaction, similarly to Putin, Lavrov only said that Russia “understands that Hungary needs to comply with the requirements of NATO and the EU” on the issue, adding that they are still welcoming critical Hungarian remarks on the EU and US sanctions against Russia.

Besides making a special reference to Hungary, Putin said to the new US envoy, John Tefft, that his government would like to improve “constructive dialogue” with the US, and will strive to resolve differences with the Polish government as well. The other countries Putin specifically mentioned in his speech with regards to political and economic partnership were North Korea and Vietnam.

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