Ráhel Orbán’s brother-in-law to head up IT department at NAV

September 10, 2014


Ráhel Orbán’s brother-in-law Péter Sándor Tiborcz has been appointed head of IT at the Tax and Customs Authority (NAV). István Tiborcz, his brother, married Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s daughter Ráhel last summer.

Péter Sándor Tiborcz previously held lower level public and private jobs, according to Átlátszó.hu. After the investigative website filed a “freedom of information request” for his resume, NAV refused to release the information but has promised to show Átlátszó the relevant document sometime soon.

Meanwhile Ráhel Orbán recently got a job at Zsidai Group, a fashionable restaurant chain focussed on “making Hungarian gastronomy rich”. She previously worked at the luxury Hotel Kempinsky’s restaurant, which is also managed by Zoltán Zsidai, whose company received a state “Pro Turismo” tourism award last year.

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