Record number of asylum seekers enter Hungary Tuesday

August 28, 2015

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Not since the outset of the Middle East refugee crisis have so many asylum seekers entered Hungary in a single day. On Tuesday, 2,958 crossed into Hungary from neighboring Serbia, including 698 children, according to the Csongrád county Police Department.

The area around Rösze continues to be the most active entry point for migrants making their way from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan to Germany and Scandinavia via southern and eastern Europe.

A 175-kilometre barbed-wire fence built along Hungary’s border with Serbia has proven ineffectual in halting refugees.  Hungarian news site today published a set of photographs showing just how ineffective (and dangerous) the border fence really is.

Ruling party Fidesz and extreme-right Jobbik politicians have called for an emergency session of parliament to make unlawful border crossing a criminal act and to authorize the Hungarian army to defend the southern border from waves of migrants.

Legal rights organizations believe such legislation runs afoul of EU laws on refugees and asylum seekers.

Beyond stigmatizing asylum seekers and building a useless border fence, the government has done very little to alleviate overcrowding in Hungary’s main refugee camps other than adopt legislation effectively denying asylum to those arriving by way of Serbia and other “safe” countries.