Refugees in Hungary need baby food, diapers, medicine

July 3, 2015


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A hundred refugee children and their family members have been detained by the Hungarian police near the southern frontier city of Szeged. The minors spent hours on the territory of the border police outpost, peeking out from behind bars, waiting to be transferred. Employees of the Age of Hope Foundation examining the conditions in which the families are held report the police’s conduct is humane, but that they are not prepared to provide food and basic treatment for infants.

There is an urgent need for baby food, diapers and medicine at the disposal of refugee children held at the outpost of Szeged Border Police. Ákos Tóth, director of Age of Hope, told Abcúg they heard in the Sunday morning news that more than a hundred children detained together with their relatives the previous night are stranded at the compound. The helpers stacked up on plastic dishes, clothes, canned food and started off for Szeged.

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Ákos was returning from a camp hosting poor children on the Croatian seaside a few days ago, after spending his holiday with children from orphanages. He says seeing children practically held in cages in Hungary after seeing those playing on the beach in Croatia was a stark contrast. “My due gratitude goes out to the police officers, they were treating these kids with humanity and in a friendly manner, but no two- or three-year-old minor in Hungary should be put behind bars even for an hour or two,” he said.

What he saw was that even if the children were cramped in a room they were doing fine given the circumstances.  However, seeing that they lack basic supplies, such as food, medicine and painkillers, the Age of Hope launched a fundraising campaign (

According to Ákos families only spend a few hours at that facility while their documents are being prepared, and are ready to be transferred to camps.