“Remember this? FREEDOM FIGHTER!”

September 11, 2015

Dear Fellow Hungarian:

My name is Miklos Szalay Jr. My parents escaped Hungary in 1956 when I was only 6-years old during the Hungarian Revolution. Remember this? FREEDOM FIGHTER! We fled to Austria and then came to the US.  I served in the US Military in Vietnam proudly as a Hungarian-American. I watch the news and see that Hungary is building fences! We as Hungarians and humanitarians should be helping to relocate the current refugees….not building barbed wire fences. We used this for the Viet Cong!!!!

I respectfully ask the Hungarian Government to be a leader in the humanitarian effort to help these people. Yes, I understand it is difficult.  But remember the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 when thousands fled to other countries such as Austria who helped Hungarians.

I am proud to be a Hungarian and a US Citizen. I never went back to the old country, but my parents have. PLEASE do the right thing during this refugee crisis and HELP.  Not close your border.



Miklos Szalay Jr.

Derry, New Hampshire, USA