Rétvári appeals to Christians to drum up support for referendum

September 3, 2016


Christian Democratic People’s Party parliamentarian and Ministry of Human Resources undersecretary Bence Rétvári says Europe has come down with a case of identity crisis, and the only remedy is to strengthen the continent`s Christian identity.

Echoing Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjárto’s comments earlier this week that Christian European civilization is under attack, Rétvári said in an interview with 777blog.hu

“We are protecting our well being, our security, our stability, and our value system. We are also protecting our establishment, which is based on Roman law, Greek philosophy, and the Bible — not on the Koran and Sharia law.”

The interview, which has an underlying tone of moral superiority concerning the Hungarian government’s handling of the refugee crisis, links the fate of Christianity in Europe to the October 2nd referendum on the European Union`s proposal to settle asylum seekers in member states under a quota system.

According to Rétvári, the EU is to blame for the refugee crisis because it has “allowed, without any resistance, for millions to penetrate into Europe, to settle here, to change the composition of large cities and the lives of the people, and this is clearly tied to the weakening of Christianity.”

By providing asylum to refugees, European leaders have abandoned Christianity

“Simply put, European bureaucrats and the leaders of large metropolitan cities were not proud enough of their own Christian traditions, which they did not value or respect. They created an empty and open area, which has since been occupied by something completely different,” he said.

Rétvári believes Hungary is well-poised to deal with the challenges arising from Europe’s moral crisis because “[Hungary] has a constitution which states that Saint Stephen created our homeland as a part of Europe, and, in doing so, [Saint Stephen] said that Christianity is the power that unites the nation. This is an identity, but it is also true that one part of the European Union’s leaders believe and act in accordance with a completely different value system.”

Regarding the government’s upcoming anti-EU refugee quota referendum, he says there is a lot at stake.

“For the first half of the 21st century, the issue with the most at stake is this because this immigration will completely alter Europe. The European Union that we joined in 2004 may for all intents and purposes become a thing of the past if millions are allowed to illegally enter and change the political future of Europe. This question is even more important for Christians because not only are issues related to culture, security, or well being at stake, but also religion. We know what it is that ties the nations of Europe together, it is based on Christianity, both in terms of a value-system and culture.”

According to Rétvári, “Hungary has proven over the past 1000 years that there is no other future than Christianity.”