Rev. Sándor Németh casts his lot with Orbán in this alarming interview with Magyar Idők

March 29, 2018

Rev. Sándor Németh | Photo:

Rev. Sándor Németh, founder and leader of the charismatic Faith Church, continued his campaign for Fidesz in an interview published by pro-government print daily Magyar Idők. The Faith Church, as well as ATV, a television station owned by the church, has been the recipient of generous government funding in recent years.

On the opposition

“[The opposition] often says it wants to join the trends of the European Union, but this isn’t necessarily a promising vision for me. The European Union is perhaps in its deepest crisis since its founding. As a Christian, I find the opposition’s efforts to be unsettling. What’s important to us is family, marriage, and national self-determination. These are the fundamental values that are in line with Christian teachings. Today’s top-down mixing, which they call migration, is the greatest challenge. The opposition parties are not being open about their positions, while – those on the left – they support migration and globalist ambitions. We, on the [other] hand, follow how the values we hold dear appear in the platforms of political parties.”

On Orbán being the only person capable of leading Hungary

“The ability to govern is an important consideration for us, and currently it is clear the current prime minister is capable of governing. It is an objective fact that there is no individual in the opposition who is as capable of leading the country as Viktor Orbán.”

On the role Christians play in politics

“In the communist system, Christian people were allowed to enter public life only if they adjusted to material expectations. The effects of these restraints could be felt for a long time after the system change. Today, however, an emancipated, self-aware Christian lifestyle is emerging which does not allow itself to be afraid. The best example of this is the election of Donald Trump, in which the American Christian communities played a significant role. This trend has also started in Europe. Christian communities are increasingly active and they will not tolerate the so-called liberal mainstream worldview shutting them out. The attacks against religion have prompted the opposite reaction: Christian people want to take part in public life, politics, and they want to elect people who openly defend Christianity.”

Question: “Many think that Christians with [nationalist sentiments] end up in the crosshairs of liberals because they are self-determined and have values.”

Answer: “The globalist powers have started their work around the world, and many of them think that Christians are obstructing these processes. For the most part, today’s constitutions do not recognize the classical model of recognizing family, protection of the nation, and values. Similarly, they abandon the millennium-old natural moral considerations of sexuality, and they are eager to disrupt the traditional societal boundaries. But if we give up on our classical values, the church itself becomes obsolete. Of course, this unrooting is what the goal is because people can then be used as tools for anything. It appears their plan is to subvert nations to the globalist will, a center that stands above nations. The most outrageous servant of this ambition is the European Commission.”

On the bad guys wanting to impose a monopoly on thought

“The European Union wants homogeneity, and the mass media, which reflects the opinion monopoly of the west, uses all kinds of expletives against those who disagree with it. On the lower levels, they cast the impression that they want democracy, and here the NGOs are considered to be authoritative, but they are mostly organized and financed from outside. Many of the phenomena we see today show the characteristics of empire building. The forced top-down migration, which is actually the forced changing-out of population, and the relativization and washing-away of identity all support this. They want to create cultural relativism, which will inevitably result in the loss of Christianity. If the political leadership does not stand up [for Christianity], and if it makes decisions that support migration, it will help those religions that do not have deep roots in Europe. Ethnic mixing and turning the native population into second-class [citizens] can cause the loss of language and homeland because if the democratically elected leaders cannot decide who gets to live on a country’s territory, then the state falls under guardianship and loses its sovereignty.”

Question: “It is sad. Under the Kádár system we wanted to be like the west. Today, we do not want to be like them.”

Answer: “Here, we have a thinner societal layer that sees the world on a material basis and takes in all this European values primitive blah blah. They say they want to follow Europe. But what kind of European values? The values brought here by St. Paul, the values that build on Roman law, the traditions of Greek democracy, or the values of the Jacobin revolutionary dictatorship? I’m afraid many understand the regretfully-remembered latter to be what makes up European values. I am confident that the system change, the failure of the eastern-type of communism, brought an end to the ideological state. But Marxism is again banging on our door. Cultural Marxism has become a replacement for religion. Even if we can’t blame Marx for each of the hundreds of millions victims of communism, it is clear that he was one of the defining prophets of that destruction. This is what today’s misleading lores are based on, from gender ideology to the policies of putting migration on a pedestal. There is alternative reality, one that is referred to as the deep state. Even today, the elite which are above the nations see this as an ideology worth following.”

Question: “It’s interesting that those who argue on the Christian values of compassion and solidarity in support for the unlimited acceptance of economic migrants are ones actually discriminating against Christians.”

Answer: “In Christian values, patience and justice are not so far apart. If they take our homes or commit violence against the people that live here, I cannot say that the people should remain patient. In Hungary, contrary to the accusations we hear from abroad, there is no xenophobia. In fact, foreigners [are trendy]. There has always been migration, but it was supervised. Since 2015, however, there has been a very hostile intrusion into Europe which has awakened people’s self-defense reflexes and sense of justice. The scripture says to love your neighbor as you love yourself. It does not say love the stranger as you would love yourself and those close to you.”

Question: “Is it possible that Hungary’s migration-sponsoring parties are deliberately not dealing with the opinion of the people? Since 1990, there were always threats made during the campaign, but today it’s as though they have given up on trying to convince the citizens, they are only operating on threats.”

Answer: “The Marxists practiced putting people in stocks and character assassinations to create hysterical sentiments. This is what is happening currently when they are trying to use completely transparent fake scandals to tarnish the governing party politicians. This does not mean that there are no real issues in Fidesz and in its hinterland, there are. But this is not how the opposition parties who have not proven their ability to governing, or who have very much so proven their inability to govern, should try to get into power. Furthermore, the sharp attacks on each other’s sympathizers was never practiced before. Especially since 2015, they do not want to accept that the people have a different worldview than their own. This is why Christianity has become the most singled-out and persecuted religion today. The trend started in America. At the turn of the millennium, the liberals were afraid that the election of the younger Bush would bring a conservative wave, so they started or strengthened the militant liberal movements that we see today. Under Obama’s presidency, it could clearly be felt that the Christians were being targeted. They often sought to destroy the representatives of Christianity morally and materially. This is what ended with the Trump presidency, but in Europe, for the time being, the old winds still blow.”

Question: “The left wing is starting to show the signs of anti-Semitism because it wants to important Muslim masses into Europe for the purpose of gaining voters. This poses an existential threat to Jews. What is your opinion?”

Answer: “While in our homeland the existing anti-Semitism is decreasing, it is unfortunately getting stronger in western Europe. The atrocities committed against Jews are increasing as migration becomes more common. The liberals condemn the Holocaust, but they are not willing to realize that Jews are starting to be discriminated against again in a manner similar to the Nazi era. The left wing’s anti-Israeli sentiments are the veiled manifestation of anti-Semitism because Israel is a homeland for all Jews. I cannot help it, but I sometimes feel that for some, the only good Jew is a dead Jew.”