Right-wing, eurosceptic parties tipped to make big gains in EP election

May 23, 2014


According to Hungarian pollster Ipsos, less than one in three eligible Hungarian voters surveyed intend to participate in Sunday’s EP election.  Of those Hungarians who answered that they were certain to vote, 56 percent intend to vote for Fidesz, 17 percent for Jobbik, 15 percent for MSZP, 5 percent for Democratic Coalition (DK), 5 percent for Together 2014, and just 3 percent for LMP.

Other surveys show LMP leading Together 2014.

Only parties receiving a minimum of 5 percent of votes cast will be eligible to send delegates to the European Parliament.

Jobbik seems likely to send at least three delegates to Brussels, including current Jobbik MEP Bela Kovacs who is under investigation by Hungarian authorities for allegedly spying for Russia.

Throughout the European Union, right-wing and Eurosceptic parties are expected to make big gains in this weekend’s elections, especially in the United Kingdom and Holland where voting was held yesterday.  Today Ireland and the Czech Republic are voting.

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