Roma are the victims of systematic discrimination in Hungary according to EC report

September 19, 2016


Roma are the victims of systematic discrimination in all areas according to a report issued by the European Council on the protection of minorities in Hungary.  The study noted huge inequalities in education, employment, health car, and living standards. The study calls “alarming” increasing discrimination against Roma, including the proliferation of school segregation, which Hungarian authorities claim somehow advances their interests.

The report finds that, although Roma make up 7 percent of Hungary’s population, only 2-2.5 percent of those employed actively seeking employment are Roma, and that Hungary’s largest ethnic minority make up 25-30 percent of the registered unemployed.  The European Union agency for basic rights found that 68 percent of Roma experienced discrimination in their search for work over the past five years.

The report recommends Hungarian authorities work to improve Roma living conditions, employment situation, and health care.  It also calls for the immediate desegregation of schools and criticizes the current government commissioner for basic rights for not doing a better job.