Romanian Head of State demands ban on visits by Hungarian Jobbik extremists

March 13, 2014

Romanian President Traian Basescu
Romanian President Traian Basescu

Romanian Head of State Traian Basescu has called on the country’s government and parliament to blacklist members of the Hungarian right-wing extremist Jobbik party to prevent them entering Romania. The move follows demonstrations for Székely independence in the Romanian city Tirgu Mures  (previously Marosvásárhely in Hungary) this month attended by several Hungarian political figures, including Jobbik leader Gábor Vona and members of the illicit Gárda, a paramilitary organization tied to the political party.

Basescu said the extremist party does not believe in a unified Europe and cares only for its own interests. Even if Hungary is unable to control the rise of the far-right group, they have no place in Romania, he said. “We need to end Jobbik’s activity in Romania,” Basescu told a press conference on Tuesday.

The protests for Székely independence from Romania came on a day of tribute to commemorate martyrs who died in 1954. Such protests are strictly prohibited by Romania. Among other acts that defied officials and law enforcement, protestors chanted “Székelyföld is not Romania!” and other remarks rejecting the 1920 Trianon treaty that divided Hungary.

Lawyer György Frunda said he does not see how it would be possible to restrict the travel of citizens of the European Union within the EU. “We can deem it illegal for them to organize protests or demonstrations but I do not see any means of restricting their travel to or within Romania,” he said. It is presumed the Jobbik leaders are traveling by invitation of local political parties or groups, and are campaigning for supporters. Officials fear these campaigns will disturb voting scheduled for April 6, and that they negatively impact on Hungarians living in Romania, as well as relations between the two countries.

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