Russian air force used Hungarian air space to bomb Syria says Dialogue for Hungary

October 26, 2015

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According to Swiss defense analyst Russian military airforce used Hungarian airspace to bomb Syria, writes Dialogue for Hungary (Párbeszéd Magyarországért) in a statement issued today:

“It’s a proven fact that Russian aircraft bombed not only the army of the inhuman Islamic State terror organization, but also forces opposed to it, and in this way contributed to the success of the Islamic State.

“If the Orbán administration authorized the Russians to use Hungarian airspace, then it indirectly assisted the world’s most dangerous terror organization.  If, on the other hand, (Russian President) Putin’s air force used the airspace of a NATO member state without permission, then there could be unforeseeable consequences.

“PM calls on Viktor Orbán and (Defense Minister) István Simicskó to immediately give a thorough account and explanation as to how military aircraft forming part of the Russian army were given permission to use Hungarian airspace, for what period of time, and for which military operations.”

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