Russian military intelligence tied to alleged Hungarian cop killer

October 27, 2016


Hungarian news site has found that the assailant behind Wednesday’s murder of a police officer has ties to Russia’s foreign military intelligence agency, the Glavnoye Razvedyvatel’noye Upravleniye (GRU).

According to Index, several unconnected state security sources have confirmed that the militant organization run by the assailant, István Győrkös, was connected to the GRU. Furthermore, Russian diplomats are known to have taken part in airsoft (military games where plastic pellets are used as ammunition) with the Hungarian organization.

Győrkös murdered one police officer on Wednesday morning when the National Investigation Office (Hungary’s version of the FBI) appeared at Győrkös’ property.

Russian diplomats and intelligence agencies have ties to Hungary’s far-right groups, including the one founded by Győrkös.

Hungarian think-tank and consultancy Political Capital has published extensively on the Kremlin’s connection with Hungarian far-right extremist groups.

In 2014, a website and Facebook page set up by Győrkös posted an article with three “reader-submitted” pictures of tanks being transported by train through Hungary. The Russian foreign ministry, citing the article, then accused Hungary of transporting weapons to Ukraine. According to Index, the photographs were tied to Russian intelligence.