Russian secret services are supporting terrorists in European countries, says US analyst

October 31, 2016


Translation of “Is a secret Russian war underway? Hungary is also affected” appearing in online daily

Russian secret services are supporting terrorists in European countries – concludes an American analyst concerning the murder of a Hungarian police officer in Bőny. The West should take the incident as a warning.

Western secret services have known for a while that Vladimir Putin, through the Russian secret services, supports a substantial number of far-right groups in Europe, similarly to how the Soviet KGB financed extreme-left groups. We’ve got smarter about this in recent days, said security policy expert and former National Security Agency analyst John R. Schindler.

The murder of a police officer in Bőny shows that there is not only a simple ideological shift from the left to the right, but that the Kremlin is supporting radicals who share Putin’s nationalist, traditionalist worldview. The analyst says the murder of a police officer by a far-right activist is an indication of this.

Where are the weapons coming from?

Schindler is trying to demonstrate the Russian connections of 76-year-old István Győrkös, who shot at police as they arrived to his home. He notes that in Hungary, as opposed to in the USA, it is extremely rare for police officers to be attacked with weapons. The first question is where Győrkös obtained his illegal weapons, some of which were military grade.

Where are the photos from?

Győrkös, who is openly anti-Semitic and anti-Roma, drew the attention of Hungarian counterintelligence services last year when he published photos on the internet of Hungarian weapons – among them a T-72 tank – which Hungary supposedly supplied to Ukraine during that country’s recent conflict with Russia.

Győrkös claimed that he received the photos from a reader of his website. Hungarian authorities suspected a covert action, something the Kremlin denied.

The pictures were in fact produced by GRU, the Russian secret service, for the purpose of claiming that a NATO-member state was interfering in the Ukraine conflict. (The West accuses Moscow of supporting Russian separatists in Ukraine with weapons and soldiers.)

Where did the people come from? 

An even messier circumstance surrounding the case is that Russian “diplomats” had participated in the aging Nazi’s military games, who Budapest authorities believe are actually GRU agents. The investigation of the police murder must, therefore, shed light on what Russian spies were doing in the Hungarian village, said Schindler.

The tragedy in Bőny shows that Moscow’s insidious influence is reaching violent people and groups in Hungary which threaten peace and security in Europe. We can be sure that Győrkös is not the only right-wing militant in the Western world who enjoys the secret support of Russia.

This is why all NATO member states must map out all radicals who have the illegal support of GRU and other connections to Russian secret services!