Sándor Szenczy says majority of asylum seekers don’t really need help

July 21, 2015


“Our experts do not see a humanitarian catastrophe in the current migration situation but we are continuously following events as they unfold,” director of the government-aided Hungarian Baptist Aid Sándor Szenczy told pro-government news outlet Magyar Hírlap.

Szenczy says Hungary’s “professional” relief organizations are careful in their assessment of the current events because in their opinion they clearly do not constitute an emergency situation.

Hungarian Baptist Aid claims that between 80-90 percent of those entering Hungary are young, between the ages of 18-35, and arrive in the country with money and communication technology. They don’t really need help.

Szenczy says Hungarian authorities are well-prepared to manage the situation and the plight of migrants isn’t that big a problem.

There’s no need to “pester” those who have traveled across at least three to five countries to arrive in Hungary, he says…