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Semjén: Holland, France, Brussels and Germany have fallen

Photo: KDNP

Speaking at a campaign event in the town of Újkígyós, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén spoke of the dangers posed by the expansion of Islam.

Per beol.hu, Semjén said:

  • If Hungary messes up now, it will never free itself from the Islam invasion. It is an illusion to believe that Hungary might be able to remove them from here [at a later point]. All those things that Hungarians have created together will disappear in the generation if the migrants flood Hungary.
  • Holland, France, Brussels and Germany “have fallen, and in a certain sense, this is why their opinion is not of interest to us, but we can still continue to live a Hungarian life.”
  • History and current experiences show that “with the appearance of Islam, parallel societies develop and the threat of terrorism increases.”
  • What the west is saying is an illusion: immigrants will take power. Immigrants do not want to integrate, and not because Hungarians don’t want them to, but because that is the point of Islam. If the migrant masses reach a critical level, there is a risk of a civil war. There is only one option: the migrants must not be let in.

Semjén’s remarks are part of the governing Fidesz-KDNP alliance’s push to make Hungary’s upcoming election a referendum on migration, claiming that nothing less than the fate of the nation is at stake.  Speaking at an event last Thursday organized by the pro-government pseudo NGO Civil Unity Forum, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claimed foreign and international powers, “with the support of their domestic minions,” are trying to coerce Hungary into accepting migrants.

Benjamin Novak :