Slovak-Hungarian MEP criticizes Hungary’s “maverick” politics

September 11, 2017

The joint lawsuit by Hungary and Slovakia challenging asylum-seeker quotas was unfortunate and Hungary will become increasingly Balkanized if it carries on with its maverick politics, Slovakian ethnic Hungarian MEP Pál Csáky said in an interview with hírTV

The European Court of Justice had been expected to reject the lawsuit, and therefore it was unfortunate to attempt the case in the first place, said Csáky who has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2014.

“I’m afraid that in Hungary the debate is going over second- and third-rate problems. These are the premonitory winds of the electoral campaign,” Csáky, the former deputy prime minister of Slovakia for European affairs, human rights and minorities commented on the Hungarian government’s reaction to the court’s decision.

“I would like to call the Hungarian decision-makers’ attention to the following: the dream of a Visegrád Four [the loose cultural and political alliance of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia] that operates under the principle of ‘our blood and lives for each other’ and is often discussed in Budapest, [an alliance like this] has never existed and will never exist,” Csáky said referring to the Hungarian government’s effort to portray the V4 group as a strong and homogenous alliance.

He also revealed the chances of a continued joint fight against the quotas. “The Slovakian and Czech governments always act according to German expectations. When facing decisions of this kind in the future the Visegrád Four would surely suffer prejudice in a couple of minutes. After the German elections, the Germans would obviously come up with a new vision regarding Europe’s future. The Czechs and the Slovaks will accept this, it is just a matter of time. […] A Polish Hungarian cooperation is pretty much hindered by [Hungary’s] relationship with Russia. So Hungary must prospectively face that it might drift to the Balkans.”