Here are the “Soros Plan” national consultation questions!

September 28, 2017

Pro-government propaganda outlet Magyar Idők has published the list of questions that will appear on Hungary’s upcoming “Soros Plan” national consultation. Earlier this week, the government began running propaganda spots in the media to drum up support for the government-funded questionnaire.

The “Soros Plan” national consultation is the government’s deliberate misrepresentation of George Soros’ proposals for managing the refugee crisis. The consultation conflates Soros’ remarks with a grand and elaborate scheme in which the “Brussels Commission” and Soros are in cahoots to dismantle the EU’s nation states and impose immigrants, i.e. Muslim terrorists, on them.

(For more information on what this national consultation is all about, read this articlelisten to this podcast, and watch this interview.)

Adult Hungarian citizens, who will all receive a consultation by mail, can check one of two boxes on the questionnaire: one showing they support the “plan”, and one showing they do not support the “plan”. The statements are the following:

1. George Soros wants Brussels to resettle at least one million immigrants per year onto European Union territory, including in Hungary.

2. Together with officials in Brussels, George Soros is planning to dismantle border fences in EU Member States, including in Hungary, to open the borders for immigrants.

3. One part of the Soros Plan is to use Brussels to force the EU-wide distribution of immigrants that have accumulated in Western Europe, with special focus on Eastern European countries. Hungary must also take part in this.

4. Based on the Soros Plan, Brussels should force all EU Member States, including Hungary, to pay immigrants HUF 9 million in welfare.

5. Another goal of George Soros is to make sure that migrants receive milder criminal sentences for the crimes they commit.

6. The goal of the Soros Plan is to push the languages and cultures of Europe into the background so that integration of illegal immigrants happens much more quickly.

7. It is also part of the Soros Plan to initiate political attacks against those countries which oppose immigration, and to severely punish them.