“Soros Plan” propaganda hits the airwaves

September 27, 2017

"Soros Plan" propaganda hits the airwaves
Photo: The Budapest Beacon

The government is gearing up to launch its latest national consultation, this time on the “Soros Plan”, with a series of advertisements. The ads, which have already started running on television, are meant to drum-up support for the latest consultation that experts say will likely play an instrumental role in setting the tone for Hungary’s upcoming national elections. The video below is already airing on Hungary’s state-run media. (English text below)

“This is George Soros, one of the most influential billionaires in the world. And this is George Soros’ dangerous plan: dismantling the border fence, settling 1 million migrants per year, and HUF 9 million in state subsidies for every migrants. What do you think about this? National consultation on the Soros Plan. Let’s not let this slide!”

What is the national consultation about?

The Beacon recently interviewed Goran Buldioski, director of the Open Society Initiative for Europe, about Hungary’s upcoming national consultation. According to Buldioski, Orbán is working straight off a classic populist playbook, fighting an imaginary war against an imaginary villain.

The national consultation, i.e. campaign against George Soros and his Open Society Foundations, is an attempt to distract from pressing domestic challenges like failed delivery of basic health care services, difficulties in education and under-development in rural areas, Buldioski says.