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Speaker of the National Assembly: Soros-organizations will start street riots in Autumn

Speaker of the National Assembly and Fidesz veteran László Kövér warned of George Soros-backed street riots in Autumn in his speech at the Martos Open University, reports news site Index.hu.

“This Autumn an unconcealed coalition could form between the Hungarian opposition and the Soros-backed organizations so that the latter can stir up public sentiment before the elections with open attacks on democratic institutions and street riots,” said Kövér.

The Speaker added that hot times are to come beginning in September, when the opposition will make activists of the Soros organizations do the “dirty work”:

“They will try to create an atmosphere in which civil war psychosis overwrites everything else.”

Kövér’s concerns regarding civil war psychosis are somewhat understandable as Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been using war rhetoric against both domestic and foreign opponents in his speeches for years, not to mention the immitigable government propaganda practice of labeling its opponents as traitors and foreign agents.

Kövér’s vision is just the latest in a recent series of fear-mongering statements from prominent government members about an imminent brutal campaign backed by the Open Society Foundation’s George Soros before next year’s general elections.


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