State-owned producer of Tokaj wine suspends shipments pending investigation

May 15, 2014


According to the Hungarian press service (MTI) the state-owned producer of Tokaj wine, Tokaj Kereskedőház Zrt., has announced that on the basis of “preliminary examinations conducted over the past several weeks, it is likely that improper wine-making and handling techniques were employed in the production of wine prior to 2013”, and that for this reason it was banning the sale of some HUF 3 billion (USD 13 million) worth of wine produced before 2013.

The Tokaj mountain wine region council told MTI it was “unfortunate that in all likelihood the Tokaj Kereskedőház Zrt. did not employ permitted wine-making procedures.”  According to council president, Miklos Pracser, the council “will give all assistance to the directors of Tokaj Kereskedőház Zrt. to make a comprehensive examination”.

According to the state company, on the basis of random tests of wine inventory, they identified “numerous contradictions in the internal records with regard to the labeling of products and for this reason in the interest of protecting the reputation of the Tokaj name, they ordered a detailed, audit of the wine inventory”.

While this is underway, the company is temporarily limiting the shipment of wine, primarily because “only those wines may go to market that can prove they were properly labeled”.

According to the company statement “the company’s directors are committed to correcting the deficiencies with regard to labeling products, making quality standards more strict, and strictly adhering to guidelines”.   The company’s statement adds that “the entire Tokaj wine production must be put on new footings in the interest of renewing the quality and strengthening transparency”.

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