Suspected neo-Nazi shoots, kills police officer near Győr

October 26, 2016


A police officer was shot dead this morning in the village of Bőny during a raid on a house suspected of containing illegal weapons, reports

Officers working with the National Bureau of Investigations arrived to investigate a complaint of illegal weapons in the house. 76-year-old István Győrkös fired on two officers who knocked on the door, and threatened to kill anyone who came closer. According to director of the Counter-Terrorism Center (TEK) János Hajdu, during negotiations with Győrkös it became apparent that his mental condition was deteriorating, and officers were sent in to disarm him.

Officer Péter Pálvölgyi was shot in the head with an assault rifle and died at the scene. Another officer was wounded in the chest and taken to hospital.

The suspect was shot by police in the back and the bullet exited through his stomach. He was taken to hospital and is in stable condition. Győrkös was connected to militant nationalist (Hungarista) groups in the 1990s, and founded the neo-Nazi group Hungarian National Frontline (MNA) in 1989. The group held training camps for German and Hungarian neo-Nazis in Bőny on land owned by Győrkös, and has been under observation by authorities for years under suspicion of using illegal weapons. Győrkös was convicted in the early 1990s for disturbing the peace and misuse of firearms and ammunition, for which he served a year in jail.

The MNA’s website says participants learn self-defense, marksmanship and synchronized movement at the camps. “Fags, gypsies and Jews cannot participate in the Camp!” it states. It was discovered in 2009 that the camps did not use only “paint and plastic” ammunition, as Győrös had claimed, but live ammunition, reports

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán sent his sympathies to the family of the dead officer. “It is unacceptable in Hungary for anyone with any motive to attack those who maintain law and order,” he said.