Suspects in hacked Orbán interview case undergo polygraph

June 22, 2017

Police used a polygraph test while interrogating several employees of Fejér Megyei Hírlap (Fejér County Newspaper) at the beginning of June during the investigation of the published Christmas interview with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in which fabricated passages were inserted, reports Hungarian news site

Employees of the newspaper were questioned after the police had already accused somebody a couple of weeks earlier of hacking the editorial system. Police told earlier that on 15 May four persons suspected of violating an information system or data created by unauthorized alteration of the information contained in an information system had been questioned.

According to’s information, the recently accused person was not among the five employees of the publisher of Fejér Megyei Hírlap,  Pannon Lapok Társaság (PLT), blamed for publishing the hacked interview who were immediately sacked. Two of the sacked employees filed a labour lawsuit against PLT and demanded compensation for libel.

PLT, which publishes five dailies and numerous digital publications in Fejér, Zala, Vas and Veszprém counties, was purchased by the Lőrinc Mészáros-tied Mediaworks last year, but the two publishers remained separate legal entities up until now. According to’s information, PLT executive director Judit Kázmér has already notified the staff that PLT will merge with Mediaworks in autumn this year.