Szabó to chief prosecutor Péter Polt: Stop protecting Orbán and son-in-law!

May 12, 2015


Péter Polt (speaking) joined Fidesz in 1993 and ran unsuccessfully for parliament in 1994

Opposition party Dialogue for Hungary (PM) says Hungarian prosecutors are protecting Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s son-in-law, István Tiborcz, by failing to launch an investigation into his company’s questionable purchase of the Keszthely marina despite a number of criminal complaints being lodged with authorities over the sale.

PM co-chair Tímea Szabó held a press conference in Budapest on Tuesday to discuss how neither the national government’s Zala county office, nor the Zala county chief prosecutor, nor the chief prosecutor’s office have launched any inquiry into the sale of the marina for a fraction of what it cost the local government to acquire it,  to a company in which Tiborcz has an ownership interest.

The independent MP says it appears Hungary’s chief prosecutor “is simply unwilling to investigate any case of government corruption”.

Szabó called on chief prosecutor Péter Polt to stop protecting Orbán and Tiborcz, and encouraged Polt to launch serious inquiries into what she called the “Fidesz-KDNP theft of state funds”.

She also called on the State Audit Office to investigate the sale of the Keszthely docks because of what she considers to be the irresponsible management of state assets.

Szabó’s voice joins a growing chorus of opposition politicians who criticize Hungarian prosecutors for refusing to investigate alleged instances of official corruption.

Hungarian police are reportedly investigating Tiborcz’s company, Elios Zrt., after it won a series of public tenders from local governments based on public procurement documents prepared by a company owned by Tiborcz’s business partner.

Polt joined Fidesz in 1993. He was a parliamentary candidate during the 1994 general election but did not secure a mandate.  During the first Orbán government (1998-2002) Polt was elected Chief Prosecutor by the Hungarian parliament in 2000 for a term of six years.  Between 2006 and 2010 he served as the Head of the Criminal Affairs Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office. After Fidesz returned to power in 2010 Polt was again elected Chief Prosecutor, but this time for nine years as per changes to the law adopted by the Fidesz-KDNP-controlled parliament.  In 2011 Polt was elected chairman of an organization of European Union chief prosecutors which, Polt told state news agency MTI, provides recommendations to European prosecution offices about which priorities to pursue and to debate European issues affecting prosecutors.

A close friend and ally of Viktor Orbán, Péter Polt is frequently seen in the company of the prime minister at soccer matches.

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