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Századvég director says Soros has plans for world domination

Tamás Lánczi

Tamás Lánczi, director of the Századvég Economic Insitute’s Center for Political Analysis, says George Soros wants to take over the world. Lánczi’s comments were published last week by pro-government daily Magyar Idők in an article reporting on the global activities of Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

The Századvég director says documents released by DCLeaks prove that George Soros and various NGOs funded by his Open Society Foundation are behind the migration crisis.

Lánczi also maintains that Soros and his friends feel they are one step closer to creating the one world government of which they are the architects. According to Lánczi, Soros and his cohorts have precise dates and plans concerning how they plan on building a homogenous-cultured, one-state world with no borders, countries, and nations.

Lánczi’s statements come as no surprise.

Top Hungarian officials, including Hungary’s prime minister, have promulgated such conspiracy theories for the better part of the past year, and have even gone so far as to accuse US President Barack Obama of deliberately engineering Europe’s refugee crisis for the sake of weakening America’s NATO allies.

A poll performed by Medián in late 2015 found that the government’s anti-refugee propaganda campaign had successfully driven Hungarians to associate immigration with terrorism and believe that Europe’s refugee crisis is the product of a conspiracy to inundate Europe with Muslims.

The Fidesz-linked Századvég has prospered greatly under the second and third Orbán governments thanks to lucrative contracts to provide a range of services to the government, including consulting and advisory services, polling, and public relations.

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