Fidesz think tank Századvég finds Hungarians don’t like Soros

April 26, 2017

(The title of this article, originally “Századvég: Hungarians don’t like Soros”, has been changed to reflect Századvég’s relationship to Fidesz. Thank you to our readers for pointing out that this distinction should have been made clear in the title.)

Századvég, the Fidesz think-tank and alleged money-laundering operation, has published a poll ostensibly about Hungarians’ attitudes toward George Soros (pictured left) and “the organizations connected to the billionaire.”

According to the poll, Hungarians are “strongly critical of both George Soros and activities carried out by the businessman’s Hungarian organizations.” The Századvég poll found that 58 percent of respondents have a negative view of Soros, and another 53 percent said that “overall, the billionaire’s Hungarian organizations do harm to our homeland”.

Regarding Lex CEU, 94 percent of Századvég’s respondents have heard of the law, and 61 percent of respondents believe the Hungarian government’s goal with it “was to bring clarity to the operations of foreign universities in Hungary,” compared to 30 percent who thought the objective of the legislation law was to close CEU.

A poll published Saturday by pollster Publicus produced different data than that of Századvég: 51 percent of respondents thought that foreign-funded civil organizations conduct activities that are useful for the country, while 36 percent said their activities were harmful. 43 percent said they do not believe Soros poses a threat to the country, while 37 percent answered that he does.

Hungarians’ attitudes toward Lex CEU also differed in the Publicus poll: only 14 percent of those polled support the government’s plans to close down the university. A sizable majority of 63 percent are against the government’s anti-CEU campaign, spearheaded by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (pictured right).

For weeks, Hungary has been blanketed in propaganda for its latest National Consultation. The “transparency of foreign-funded NGOs” is among the issues touched on in the propaganda campaign, of which the latest Századvég poll appears to be merely an extension.