Századvég: Majority of Hungarians hate illegal immigrants

August 3, 2016

Government billboard: "We don't want illegal immigrants." Hungarian reforms work!
Government billboard from 2015: “We don’t want illegal immigrants. Hungarian reforms work!”

Századvég has once again conducted a public opinion poll to gauge Hungarian antipathy towards illegal immigrants. Between the 20th and 30th June, they asked more than 2000 people what they thought of migrants, and what experiences they had with them.

According to the Fidesz think-tank, the vast majority of those polled had a very low opinion of illegal immigrants: they definitely do not like them and probably cannot wait to vote in the migrant settlement quota referendum on October 2, reports Hungarian news website

(Given Századvég’s pro-government bias, and the importance to the government of the outcome of the October referendum, the survey results need to be taken with a pinch of salt-ed.)

Other aspects of the poll were even more interesting: although 90 percent of those polled claimed that they oppose illegal migration, 75 percent have never met an illegal immigrant.

Meeting an asylum seeker certainly improves one’s opinion of them: the percentage of those who dislike them is lower among people who have already met one. According to Századvég, 75 percent of those claiming to have met a migrant said they oppose migration.

Every 10th Hungarian who has ever met a migrant said the encounter resulted in them either being hurt or harassed.

The outcome of the migrant settlement quota referendum seems almost certain, as 71 percent said it was a bad idea for the EU to redistribute migrants among member states. More than half (56 percent) also supported the idea that the EU should cooperate with their countries of origin in order to stem the tide of migrants.

Most Hungarians get their information from Hungarian TV channels only.  Only one in six Hungarians polled said they watched international news.