Századvég to create Migration Research Institute

September 11, 2015


Századvég, Fidesz’s favorite think-tank and alleged money launder, has announced it will be creating an institute to analyze the impact of migration on Hungary and Europe. The cleverly named Migration Research Institute will be jointly founded by both the Századvég Foundation and the Mathias Corvinus Collegium of Corvinus University, according to a press release issued by Századvég on Friday.

The institute will be led by Századvég’s director of research Balázs Orbán, who will continue his work at Századvég during the endeavour. The Migration Research Institute’s founders say the purpose of the organization will be to analyze migration, conduct scientific research, and provide easily understandable professional analysis of migration.

(No doubt it will also be used to bilk Hungarian taxpayers of surplus tax revenues the government doesn’t know what to do with!-ed.)

The institute says it will approach the issue of migration (both in and out of Hungary and Europe) from an interdisciplinary perspective and concentrate on migration matters related to the political, legal, economic, social, geopolitical, and security issues presented in the source and host countries.