Századvég’s András Lánczi set to become rector of Budapest’s Corvinus University

March 2, 2016


Századvég Foundation president András Lánczi looks set to become the next rector of Budapest’s Corvinus University, being the only person to apply for the prestigious position, reports

Lánczi will deliver a presentation to the university’s management behind closed doors on April 4. The decision of whether to hire the sole candidate will be made by the university’s senate on April 18. In the event that Lánczi is hired, he will likely assume his responsibilities sometime around the start of summer. previously reported that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was eager for Lánczi to take over as rector once former Zsolt Rostoványi departed from the post.

Some would argue that Lánczi is to Viktor Orbán what anti-liberal Alexander Dugin is to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Lánczi recently gave an interview to pro-government news outlet Magyar Idők in which he showered the prime minister with endless praise and defended corruption in Hungary by saying, “What they call corruption is, in all practicality, Fidesz’s main policy.”  In the same interview Lánczi felt compelled to assert that think-tank Századvég “is not some ad hoc brigade that was formed to steal public funds” and “the national and state interests have been trampled by the public’s right to know.”