Szeged court files criminal complaint over ‘tampered’ Röszke testimony

May 9, 2016


We recently reported about the Szeged district court trial against a number of migrants that Hungarian prosecutors have charged for their alleged involvement in the Battle at Röszke in 2015, which pitted Hungarian riot police and counter-terrorism commandoes against migrants, including women and children. A number of young men threw rocks and debris at riot police after Hungarian officials used pepper spray to disperse a crowd of migrants upset over finding their entry to Hungary blocked. The trial’s presiding judge found the translated statements of one of the defendants to be falsified. After asking another translator to review the translation, the court has filed a criminal complaint in connection with the first translation.

The court believes the translator knowingly fabricated the Hungarian statement, thereby fundamentally altering the defendant’s official statement.

The judge caught the discrepancy on the first day of the trial when an interpreter translated the Hungarian statement back into Arabic for the witness. The witness was shocked by what he heard and claimed never to have made those statements. The judge then ordered a new translation.

If convicted, the translator could be sentenced to up to five years imprisonment, according to daily online,