Szijjártó: Hungary entitled to EU transfers

December 17, 2015


Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó reportedly got his panties in a bunch over a statement by Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann, reports Hungarian news site

What happened this time?

In an interview with Austrian daily Die Welt, Faymann offered his opinion on what could be done to encourage more solidarity among Eastern European European Union member states for an EU-wide plan to deal with the refugee crisis.

Faymann essentially said it is unacceptable for net beneficiaries of EU fiscal transfers (that is, those that get way more money from the EU than they contribute) to dodge their responsibility to share in the EU-wide collaborative effort to deal with the crisis.

The chancellor went on to say that the position makes net contributors such as Austria think twice about whether it is even worth contributing as much as they do to the development of poorer member states. He said Austria will definitely take such attitudes into consideration when the EU meets to decide how to divvy up EU fiscal transfers in the future.

Szijjártó: OH NO YOU DO’NT!

Szijjártó, who just this past weekend at a Fidesz congress said he would “reject and fight back against every single attack because [he’s] the country’s foreign minister”, didn’t appreciate Faymann’s statements.

Szijjártó said in response that “if anyone has a position that conflicts with European values and European regulations”, it’s Faymann!

Szijjártó thinks Faymann doesn’t understand the situation because EU fiscal transfers are not “donations to the poor or humanitarian aid, they’re entitlements”.