Tamás Mellár to run for MP in Baranya’s 1st electoral district

October 2, 2017

Photo: European Commission/Szabolcs Dudás

Center-right opposition party Movement For a Modern Hungary (MOMA) will be launching candidates in all four electoral districts of Baranya county, reports Szabad Pécs, an independent online daily based in Pécs.

MOMA is led by former finance minister Lajos Bokros. While nationwide support for the party itself is so small that pollsters do not measure it, Bokros himself is a well-known national opposition figure. In 2014, despite the infighting of opposition parties in Budapest, Bokros managed to pull in 36 percent of the vote for mayor, coming in second place to Fidesz-backed incumbent István Tarlos.

What makes MOMA’s Baranya county election plans so interesting is that economics professor and former Fidesz politician Tamás Mellár will be MOMA’s candidate in one of the four Baranya county electoral districts.

Mellár became a household name in 2014 when he announced that he would resign from Fidesz-tied think-tank Századvég because, as he put it, “it is a money-laundering factory.” In 2016, Mellár was one of dozens of academics who resigned from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences because of anti-democratic steps of the Orbán regime.

He will be running in Baranya’s 1st Electoral District against Fidesz incumbent Péter Csizi.

MOMA candidates in the other three electoral districts will be: Gábor Tukora (against Péter Hoppál in Baranya’s 2nd Electoral District), Gergely Matula in Baranya’s 3rd Electoral District, and László Bérdi in Baranya’s 4th Electoral District.