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Tárki poll finds Hungarians don’t particularly like democracy

Hungarian left-leaning news site Nepszava.hu reports that, according to a poll carried out by Tárki, 17 percent of Jobbik supporters are in favor of Hungary being under a dictatorship. The poll also revealed that supporters of ruling parties Fidesz and KDNP (Christian Democrats), and opposition parties LMP (Politics Can Be Different) and DK (Democratic Coalition) favor democracy.

According to Tárki, less than half of those over the age of 18 agree with the notion that a democracy is better than other political systems.

One-third of the respondents told Tárki they are skeptical of the current political system, that is, it makes no difference to them what kind of system it is. Tárki’s research concluded that Hungarians are generally disenchanted with the state of democracy.

Despite this lack of enthusiasm, supporters of Fidesz, LMP, DK and KDNP value democracy as a political system the most.

50 percent of Jobbik supporters support democracy, while 17 percent of its supporters are in favor of having a dictatorship in Hungary.

MSZP (the Hungarian Socialist Party) supporters are the most disenchanted with Hungary’s current political system, as are those who declined to comment on their party preferences.

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