Tarki: Record number of Hungarians living in poverty

October 30, 2013


Tarki sociologist Endre Sik told InfoRadio yesterday that 47 per cent of Hungarian households experienced poverty and/or social exclusion of one form or another in 2012.

His study was based on information collected by Tarki from a sample group of 4000 Hungarians last year.

According to Sik 17 per cent of Hungarian households experienced “income poverty” meaning household income was less than or equal to 60 per cent of average  household income–the highest it has ever been since the system changeover in 1989.

19 per cent of households suffered from “work poverty” meaning that one or more working age household members had neither full nor part time work.

37 per cent of Hungarians lived “in circumstances of serious material deprivation” meaning that out of nine elements (such as possession of a car, the ability to take at least one week’s vacation a year, and adequate heating) at least four were missing.

According to Sik 8 per cent of Hungarian households suffered from all three forms of poverty last year.

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