TASZ files public information request to get government list of “illegal migration NGOs”

January 23, 2018

Photo: The Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office/Balázs Szecsődi

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) has filed a public information request to obtain a list of “illegal migration-advocacy NGOs” which the government claims to possess.

In a Sunday interview with state-run Kossuth Rádió, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office Antal Rogán (pictured) claimed that the government had listed the organizations that promote illegal immigration, portray it as a good thing, and even provide legal assistance for illegal immigration. Rogán said NGOs that perform such activity “be it the [Hungarian] Helsinki Committee or any other” will be subjects of the “Stop Soros” legislative package. According to the Minister, it is the government’s duty to observe organizations that pose a national security risk.

In the interview, Rogán also rejected claims that the government’s hate-mongering anti-Soros propaganda was a form of political anti-semitism. “When we defend ourselves from mostly Muslim migrants, then we, in fact, take the biggest step towards protecting the Hungarian Jewish community,” he said.

According to a statement posted on TASZ’s Facebook page, with Rogán’s statement the government has “admitted that their anti-NGO law is untruthful. Untruthful because it is not about supporting illegal immigration, but about silencing organizations critical of the government. To reveal how much they talk in vain, we have filed a public information request to acquire this list.”