Tax authority launches tender for 600,000 pieces of ammunition

July 17, 2017

The National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) has issued a public procurement for more than 600,000 pieces of ammunition for missions, training and drilling purposes, reports pro-government daily Magyar Idők.

NAV launched the procurement on Friday for some 611,200 pieces of assault rifle and pistol ammunition. NAV also plans to acquire 3,200 pieces of buckshot and blank cartridges. According to Magyar Idők, this quantity covers the tax office’s ammunition needs for a year.

NAV has drawn up stricter requirements for bidders than NATO, according to the pro-government site. Applicants must provide references affirming that they delivered ammunition worth at least HUF 30 million (USD 112,290) on at least two occasions in the last three years.

Under Hungarian law, excisemen and financial investigators of NAV have the right to bear arms. According to Magyar Idők, the procurement is justified because excisemen often face armed and dangerous perpetrators. The daily notes that NAV acquired accessories for shotguns and small arms at the beginning of 2016.